Each week on an ABC-TV show called 'To Tell the Truth,' a panel of four celebrities tries to determine which of three people on the show is really the person they claim to be. Tonight, the show will feature a contestant from Iowa... I'll tell you who the person is, but with plenty of notice. Read on and I promise fair warning.

A portion of tonight's episode will focus on which of the three people above is a Champion Archer. The episode was filmed in 2019 and will feature celebrities Rita Moreno, Deon Cole, Raven Symone, and Mario Cantone.

The Iowa contestant, who we'll reveal later, is from Fairfield and told KTVO,

I had to keep it quiet for this entire time. I wish I could talk about it because it was pretty amazing. I hope you tune in to watch it.

Ok, to find out which of the three above is the Champion Archer, scroll past the photos below. And if you don't want to know, watch tonight's 'To Tell the Truth' to find out. It airs at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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Here's the reveal to the above story...

The World Champion archer is Matt Stutzman, who was born without arms. Matt told KTVO,

I didn’t think that anybody would actually guess my profession because of what I do, usually people would think you have to use your arms to do it so I was like, yeah, I feel like this would be good.

Tonight's 'To Tell the Truth' celebs will also have to try to figure out who is a taxidermist, a social media sensation, a professional wingman, and the creator of the 'Cha Cha Slide,' according to the show's listing on KCRG. I'm confident none of the others will impress them as much as Matt Stutzman does.

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