If you love the holidays and the light displays that come with them, you're probably jealous of this woman. Her full-time job is creating wonderful displays to delight those who see them. She's spreading the joy globally.

Aubrey Kall and her family have been doing holiday light displays for 17 years, according to Our Quad Cities. For the first several years, their display featured only lights. Just over a dozen years ago, music was added to the display.

This year, there are more than 75,600 lights in all and you can hear the music the lights are synchronized to on your car's FM radio. In the video below, there's one little girl who clearly loves the music that accompanies this year's display. Listen close and you can hear her loudly singing along.

The Kall Christmas Lights display is at 1852 Westminster Circle in Davenport and there are shows every half-hour each night, from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. They'll continue through New Year's Eve, December 31. More detailed information about the display is below.

Aubrey Kall has turned her love of Christmas lights into her full-time job. She's the owner of Luminous Harmony. In the Our Quad Cities video below, she displays a map that shows all the locations around the U.S. that she's created holiday light displays for over the last nine years since she created her business. Kall says, “I actually do this in 28 different states. My shows are everywhere. I’ve got one in Saudi Arabia and Australia, too.” Video of a couple of the displays she's worked on are at the bottom of this story.

Just how well has Kall's business been going? She told Our Quad Cities, “Last year, I stopped accepting clients in April because I was so full,” said Kall. “It’s been amazing how much it’s grown, and I’m so blessed.”

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