When you think of people who deal with the most stress in their daily lives, you think of residents of large cities, right? Not this time.

Zippia took a look at 80 different cities in the state of Iowa and ranked their citizens for the amount of stress they deal with based on a number of factors. Some of the top 10 didn't surprise us but some were downright shocking.

First, the factors considered:
Percentage of the population with a long commute (over 30 minutes)
The city's unemployment rate
The average number of hours citizen work
Population density
Percentage of income spent on rent
Percentage of population without health insurance

When considering those six items... prepare yourself for the shock... the Jones County community of Anamosa is considered the most stressed in the entire state. Yes, Brain's hometown is #1! Actually, that's probably not something you wanna celebrate, huh?

How is Anamosa so stressed? While the population is just 5533, according to Anamosa-iowa.org, nearly half of its residents have high rent. It's 45.1 percent, according to Zippia. It's residents also suffer from long commutes. More than 44 percent of Anamosa workers have to travel more than a half-hour to their jobs. Finally, almost seven-and-a-half percent of residents don't have insurance. That spells out to most stressed in Iowa. Forget all the fun everybody has at Anamosa Pumpkinfest and the National Motorcycle Museum. Those aren't part of the equation, apparently. Is it the Anamosa State Penitentiary? We're only kidding.

via Google Maps
street view in Anamosa via Google Maps

Here's the remainder of the Top 10, or bottom 10 on the list:
#10 Washington
#9 Newton
#8 Knoxville
#7 Winterset
#6 Council Bluffs
#5 Ottumwa
#4 Des Moines
#3 Red Oak
#2 Perry
#1 Anamosa

Here's where some of the other communities around the area ranked:
#68 Independence
#64 Waverly
#61 Manchester
#59 North Liberty
#56 Bettendorf
#52 Hiawatha
#46 Coralville
#41 Cedar Falls
#39 Vinton
#34 Marion
#32 Cedar Rapids
#31 Dubuque
#29 Waterloo
#25 Iowa City

You can see the entire list of the 80 most stressed communities in Iowa here. Now, let's all take a little time for ourselves... and a deep breath or two.

[via Zippia]

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