Two Iowa sisters each have an extra reason to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. They both had babies earlier this week, on the same day, in the same hospital.

Dana Gruber and Darla Sylvester, both of Dubuque, amazingly found out months ago that their due dates were the same day in November. Dana told the Dubuque Telegraph Herald, "At our 12-week ultrasounds, we found out that we were both due (on Sunday,) November 29."

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Darla and Dana each welcomed their new baby on Monday, November 23 at Dubuque's UnityPoint Health-Finley Hospital. Monday morning at 8:56 a.m., Darla gave birth to a son named Theodore. At 10:24 a.m., Dana's baby daughter, Sophia, was born. Just 88 minutes apart, both babies came via cesarean section, which obviously, ended up being scheduled by the same doctor, on the same day. Both procedures went perfectly and the babies are doing well.

The pregnancies allowed the sisters, who consider each other their best friends, to share rides to appointments at their obstetrician and they even did a maternity photoshoot together. During their recovery at the hospital this week, the two have had rooms right next to each other in the hospital. The new moms are each scheduled to take their little ones home today.

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