Brady Cartee decided to put a couple bucks down on the big college basketball tournament, putting $20 on Texas Tech.

He won $17 for the bet, but got a phone call that changed his life.

Last Monday, Brady started receiving phone calls from a New York number, which he ignored because he assumed it was spam. Then, he got a text from the same number, explaining he was from FanDuel looking to get in touch with him about winning a contest. He ignored the text as well.

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When he started receiving calls from an Iowa number, he looked it up and saw it was from Mason City, so he figured again, that it was a spam call.

It wasn't until a FanDuel representative showed up at his front door while Brady was making dinner, and explained that he had just won $1,000,000.

Yesterday, in a Zoom call with the company, they asked him what his account balance was. Brady told them it was $0, the company reps hit a button on their end, and Brady's account balance changed to a million.

Brady, from Davenport, is a mechanical engineer and a graduate of the University of Iowa. He said his first big purchase is a 30-pack.

He also plans to go on vacation and pay off his student loans, then sit on the money for awhile.

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