A man who's been bagging groceries in eastern Iowa for over twenty years has been named the best bagger in the nation.

35-year-old Trevor DeForest of Maquoketa brought home the title Monday, February 12 at the National Grocery Association's Best Bagger Competition, held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

State champions from across the U.S. all had to bag the same 35 items that are normal grocery purchases. They had to put them into only three reusable bags and received scores for item arrangement, weight distribution, and speed.

DeForest, an assistant manager at the Maquoketa Fareway, took home the title. He started at Fareway in Osceola when he was just 14. His dad was the store manager who hired him.

Iowa has now had seven "Best Grocery Bagger" winners and, prior to DeForest, Iowa's last winner was in 2000. WQAD reports DeForest took home a $10,000 check for the win.

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