I miss hugs. Everyone who knows me knows I am a huge hugger and I love to give to them to all my friends and family when I greet them or just want to show them affection.

Steve Shriver knows there are a lot of people like me out there, who, because of social distancing amid the Coronavirus pandemic, are really missing out on these chances to get together and "hug it out". He also knows that with every passing day, as more and more of our favorite public events get canceled, many of us become more discouraged and depressed.

According to Iowa's News Now, he wanted to design an event that offered hope to all of us, so he came up with "HUG: Huge Un-Quarantined Gathering". Essentially, it's a giant hugging festival!

He's currently scheduling the event to happen in the NewBo District on Saturday, July 25 at 10 a.m.

Quite frankly, the kind of physical proximity required to give a hug could be barred or at least discouraged for quite a while, so the date and time are flexible. But the whole point is to have something to eventually look forward to. And for the lovey-doveys among us, we certainly do!

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