A hastily called assembly at an Iowa high school turned into memories the students will never forget.

Oskaloosa High School, in Mahaska County in southeast Iowa, got a surprise visit from Ashton Kutcher and his wife Mila Kunis Thursday. Considering what the school had done, maybe it wasn't such a surprise after all.

Kutcher and fellow native Iowan Dallas Clark started the Native Fund last year to benefit victims of disasters in Iowa. In Oskaloosa, the students and community raised $4,000 and signed up 700 volunteers for the organization. That was good enough to win a contest that gave them a visit from Ashton Kutcher and Dallas Clark. Clark wasn't able to come, but something tells me the students were just as excited to see Mila Kunis.

During Kutcher's speech, according to Oskaloosa.com, he spoke of his dreams long ago:

When I was in high school, I stood on a stage a lot smaller than this and did a whole bunch of plays. I was in the show choir and the choir, and I always had this thing in the back of my head that said 'You know, you're in Iowa, what are you going to do to do that or make a career out of it? Because where are you going to go if you're a professional actor in Iowa and actually make money? But I had this dream that was set in the back of my head.

All along the way, I kept sort of pushing for that dream and believing in the back of my mind that it could possibly happen. But there was a little doubt that always sat there that was like 'Well, I'm just a kid from Iowa. Like, how am I going to that. And I just kept pushing and pushing and working and working and believing and believing and eventually things started to happen and things started to open up and opportunities started to open up, and I knew if I worked really, really hard and I stayed super focused that I could get there. And I started to believe more that I could get there, more than 'Oh I'm just a kid from Iowa and how am I going to do it.'

And so what I really wanted to share with you guys is that you can really do it. Whatever that crazy dream is that you have in your head, whatever that thing is that you believe you can make happen, you can do it. And you guys were the ones. You guys have already shown that you're the ones that can do things that other people can't do because you're the ones that won this whole contest. Because you believed that you could do it."

A great message from Ashton Kutcher, who Saturday (April 8) will be awarded the Robert D. Ray Pillar of Character Award in Des Moines.

Kutcher concluded his speech at Oskaloosa High School with these words: "So thank you again, I really, really appreciate it. Thanks for inviting us here and having us here. And you guys rock." So do you, Ashton. So do you.

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