It's been a beautiful fall so far in eastern Iowa. Leaves are about to hit their peak color change. Kids are picking out Halloween costumes, and pumpkin spice-flavored drinks are being served to basic, I mean, fall fans everywhere.

But is their s-s-s-snow in the near future? Measurable snow in October isn't out of the realm of possibility. After all, this is Iowa, and we're in the Midwest, right?

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Not that we're in any hurry. I love fall. It's the best season, and so far hasn't disappointed. But, will we be seeing green grass for much longer? Let's dig into the history books, boys and girls.

Photo by Luke Hodde on Unsplash
Photo by Luke Hodde on Unsplash

Using one inch of snow as our amount as that's more than a dusting, when do you think we'll get snow?

Using data from past fall and winter months, KCRG says the average date of the first measurable snow in  Waterloo is November 26. That's over a month away, but it's still coming up fast and will be here before you know it. As for Cedar Rapids, on average, the first inch won't fall until December 5.

Now again, that's the first inch of snow. please don't come calling for my head if you see flurries, or even a dusting of snow sooner.

Not today, Mother Nature! Photo by Fabian Mardi on Unsplash
Not today, Mother Nature! Photo by Fabian Mardi on Unsplash

KCRG says the earliest Cedar Rapids received measurable snow on September 26, 1942, so luckily we're not setting any records this year. For Waterloo, the earliest was October 10 so again, no new records.

One wrench for 2022 could be La Nina. A La Niña winter generally means it will be colder as La Niña is the cooling of the equatorial eastern and central Pacific oceans. According to a Weather Channel story, Iowa (and the Midwest) is predicted to get less snow for the 2022-'23 winter as a result.

Are you a snow fan? Maybe just around Christmas? I for one would be good with a brown Christmas, and a brown winter. Bring it on, La Niña! or, keep it away.

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