In this day and age, you'll do whatever it takes to attract jobs to your small town. Just ask the Eastern Iowa town of Maquoketa. City leader there have recently agreed to work with a company that they know very little about. How little? They don't even know the companies name!

Yes, that is a bit strange. Most business agreements between two parties include the knowledge of who you're doing business WITH. But city leaders in Maquoketa say that the unnamed employer could bring 200 or more jobs to the area. The Telegraph Herald reports that the city has signed a nonbinding letter of intent that says if the mystery company chooses the area for their business, city leaders will help propose a development agreement. The hope is to have that agreement in place within the next 120 days, if not sooner.

City officials admit that this is not how it usually works if you're being considered for a site, but that Maquoketa takes all inquiries seriously. If the city is chosen, they would provide the land and help install utilities to the site.

For now, the mystery continues.

[via CBS2]

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