This would be absolutely laughable if it weren't so sad.

A Cedar Falls business owner is relocating to another city, all because of the color pink. Krista Dolash, who owns a natural and organic skin care products business called Root, is closing her store in Cedar Falls because the city won't let her have a pink storefront. Yes, you read that right.

Dolash says, and you can see from the business' website, pink is part of the brand for Root. The Cedar Falls City Council won't allow a pink storefront, instead suggesting a gray one, with pink accents. Council member Dave Wieland unsuccessfully tried to talk the council into reconsidering Monday night. According to KCCI, Dolash said, "our branding is not welcome here."

So what city is she relocating to? Root will be moving to the pedestrian mall in Iowa City, a city that knows a thing or two about the color pink. If pink works for Dolash half as well as it has for the Iowa football team since Hayden Fry turned the visiting locker room pink in 1979, her business will do very, very well.

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