Avocado toast, a meal for millennials, right? Actually, don't knock it until you've tried it! Avocados are big in the Brain house. Holly and I enjoy them from time to time, but our daughter Carly is the biggest fan! And one way she loves her avocado, is spread on toast, as pictured above. Now, a restaurant known for breakfast foods will be adding this dish to their menu.

Dunkin' is apparently hungry for lunch business. The donut and coffee chain announced new menu items on Wednesday aimed at getting more than just the breakfast crowd to stop in. FoxNews reports that Dunkin is adding not only the Avocado Toast as a menu item for Spring 2021, but also two versions of a grilled cheese sandwich. One version is available with ham.

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So how much for some avocado toast? A reasonable $2.99 for their creamy spread on Sourdough bread, and garnished with everything bagel seasoning. I'm sure I'll be picking this up as soon as Carly hears the news! Dunkin' is also adding some Irish Creme flavored drinks as well as some spring flavored coffees available in both regular and iced versions.

I think its a smart move by Dunkin, and here's why. I picked up the girls after an early out this week and they wanted to grab something for lunch. Carly actually wanted to hit the Dunkin by our house, but I told they don't exactly have lunch options.

Boom. More proof that Dunkin is always listening.


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