Ever since her hometown suffered devastating wildfires, Dolly Parton has been supporting families and helping them to rebuild what they lost. Her My People Fund committed to donate $1000 a month to each family, but this month they unexpectedly received $5000.

Parton committed to donate to each family once a month for six months, in addition to initial donations from the My People Fund at the time of the tragedy, and May’s donation was the final one. According to Dollywood Foundation representative David Dotson, there is still money left in the My People Fund. A press release reveals her plans for nearly $3 million.

"Recovery will take some time, so a new organization — called Mountain Tough — has been created to help our people get back on their feet for the next three years," Parton says. "We’re giving at least $3 million to help this new organization begin the next chapter of our journey."

The new organization is focused on longterm needs and will begin helping families on June 1.

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“We certainly anticipated we would raise the money we need. We obviously jumped off a cliff and Dolly made commitments but honestly, I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Dotson.

Parton’s commitment to her hometown and surrounding areas has always been strong, having come from a large family and humble beginnings. The My People Fund initially donated nearly $900,000 to the rebuild effort in the Sevier County area — nearly 900 families receiving checks for $1000 during the first four days of response. She held a telethon that raised nearly $9 million for the cause. The east Tennessee fires happened in November 2016.

The iconic singer-songwriter has become known for her philanthropic efforts, including her Imagination Library, which provides every registered child with a free book every month from birth to age 5.

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