You'll be drinkin' good in the neighborhood this month at Applebee's! The popular chain restaurant has officially brought back the "Dollarita," a house margarita that only costs, you guessed it, ONE dollar.

Their official website reads:

"Since the DOLLARITA left us in October, it's been just about the only thing we can think about. We've been counting DOLLARITA instead of sheep before bed. Seeing DOLLARITA in the stars when we look at the sky. And adding the suffix -ita to just about every object-erita we can find. So we're bringing it back. America's favorite $1 margarita is back. And it's the DOLLARITA."

The return of the $1 margarita came on Monday and it will continue to be available throughout the month of April. It contains two simple ingredients: tequila and margarita mix, and it's served in a frosty 10oz mug.

There are three Corridor Applebee's locations - one on Collins Road NE in Cedar Rapids, one on Edgewood in Cedar Rapids, and one on 12th Avenue Center in Coralville. All three locations are participating in the Dollarita promotion.

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