Over the weekend, while under the effects of cold medications, I accidentally backed up and into my own car. I couldn't believe I'd done it. But yes, I backed our SUV right up and into the front of my car sitting right there in my own driveway. The damage wasn't awful, but noticeable.

My car is older and I really don't want to pay a huge price to have it fixed up. It just isn't cost effective in my mind. So the search began for 'do it yourself' bodywork suggestions. I'm by no means a car expert so I was looking for something that someone of my experience level could understand. In all of my searches, I kept finding a common theme for simple dent repairs. Hot water and a plunger.

It looks so easy! Just boil water and have your plunger ready to pull out that dent! My only question is does this actually work on a regular basis? The dent in the above video doesn't exactly look as severe as the one that is on the front of my car. That said, the plunger sure does pull out most of the damage.

So, car body experts and do it yourselfers...is this a viable option for dent repair? Or should I put my plunger away and call an expert?

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