A black bear has been making headlines in NE Iowa since early May, and now wildlife officials believe that it is the same bear that visited the area last spring. KWWL reports that one resident sent in a video of the large animal eating out of a bird feeder overnight bak on May 6th. And while some residents want to catch a glimpse of the large animal, officials with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources have issued some advice to keep the bear away from residents of Dubuque and Dubuque County.

DNR officials say that when bears come out of hibernation, they are hungry and will often eat nearly anything. KWWL reports that this bear has been seen eating seeds, pet food, and garbage. The DNR says that if people in the area want to keep the bear at bay, they need to put those 'easy meals' out of sight. Put away birdseed, BBQ drip pans, and food and garbage where the bear can't access it. Once the accessible food sources dry up, the bear will move back to natural food sources outside of the city.

While sightings are still rare, DNR officials tell KWWL that most bear sightings in Iowa occur from late May to July. And even though chances are slim, if you do run into a bear, officials remind you to NOT run. You should back slowly away while facing the bear, making loud noises to let it know you're there.

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