Sometimes it seems compassion and decency have been lost. This is one of those times.

Earlier this week, the Globe Gazette reports a disabled Mason City man was told he couldn't take the electric wheelchair out of the Mills Fleet Farm store he was shopping in, so he could get his purchases to his vehicle.

In a Facebook post from Monday the disabled man, Steve Zahn, said

Went to Fleet Farm today to do some shopping. Paid for all my items and went to leave, was told I couldn't use the wheelchair to go to the car. Returned all my items and had to walk out on my hands and knees. Just trying to make people aware of how Fleet Farm treats handicapped customers."

According to KIMT, Zahn (who has only one foot) was "dropped off in front of the store and an employee brought him an electric one (cart)."

Here's the video he posted: *PLEASE NOTE: The video contains vulgarities.

Mills Fleet Farm posted this statement on their corporate Facebook page:

I don't know what time of day it was. I don't know how many people were in that store. However, if I'd have been there that man would've had assistance. That shouldn't have happened and I hope it's a lesson learned not just by Mills Fleet Farm, but all of us. We have to do the right thing, the decent thing, the compassionate thing. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Have we forgotten that? Sometimes we obviously need reminding.

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