I'm so glad this ended the way it did because that easily couldn't have been the case. It happened last week in central Iowa.

On Monday, February 27, a police officer was patrolling in the town of Madrid, Iowa when the vehicle in front of the officer ran a red light. Thank goodness for three things. That the driver ran the red light, didn't collide with anyone, and that the officer was there to see it happen.

I say thank goodness because as it turned out, the officer made a traffic stop and learned that the driver had no idea where they were. According to the Madrid Police Department, the elderly woman behind the wheel had left home to get groceries the night before. She lives in Ankeny but ended up about 30 minutes away in Madrid.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Madrid Police believe "that the driver had been driving all night lost from getting groceries last night." I reached out to the Madrid Police Department to get the exact time of last Monday's traffic stop, but haven't heard back yet.

The officer took the woman back to the Madrid Police Department and made a call to her daughter in Ankeny so she could pick her up.

Thankfully, this incident had a very happy ending. It's a simple case of a police officer just doing their job that very well may have ended up saving someone else's life. "Dedicated to Serve-Sworn to Protect" is certainly the perfect description of this event.

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