With 185 different beers on tap, this Iowa bar is home to the world's largest selection of craft beers!

If you're looking for a bar with a vast selection of beer, Des Moines is the place to go! Thrillist has released a list of the best beer bars in each US state, and a place by the name of El Bait Shop came out on top for the state of Iowa. Before we get into details, you're probably wondering: what does it mean to be a "best beer bar?" Well, Thrillist describes it as follows:

"A true beer bar obsesses over beer and caters to those who do the same. It cares about stuff like clean lines and proper glassware. It generally has a bunch of interesting beers on tap, but doesn't cheapen quality in a chase for sheer quantity."

As you can see from the above photos, El Bait Shop in Des Moines is definitely deserving of their crown. Here's what Thrillist had to say about it:

"As craft beer's become more of a "thing" in recent years, there's often a race to be the next bar in town with the most taps, and that's not always a good thing -- some establishments don't take the care and forethought required to offer more than 100 taps and manage them well. With 180-plus beers on tap, El Bait Shop is definitively NOT one of those places. Instead, it couples a delightfully divey roadhouse atmosphere with a massive yet well-maintained beer program (make sure you take advantage of any Toppling Goliath you find on tap), an impossibly friendly staff (this is Iowa, after all), and perfect beer-pairing bites like the crispy broasted chicken and Velvet Elvis dip (just get it, don't ask questions)."

Congrats to El Bait Shop! Next time I visit Des Moines, I know where I'll  be going...

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[Via Thrillist]