As a guy who's enjoyed a successful career as part of two different musical genres, Darius Rucker knows well what it feels like to do something for the first time -- which makes his latest single pretty appropriate. The singer-songwriter has released the follow-up song to his most recent single, "If I Told You." Readers can press play below to hear "For the First Time," an upbeat, catchy, driving tune, the second track off of Rucker's upcoming, as-yet untitled album.

"Say you never drank from the bottle of some $2 wine / Run barefoot through the mud / Never had the right kiss stolen from your lips while you watch the sun come up," Rucker sings in "For the First Time." "Well, I know your friends are watching, and they'd probably disapprove / But give me just half a chance / Girl, I'm daring you."

The chorus of "For the First Time" tempts a hesitant participant into stepping out of her comfort zone: "When was the last time you did something for the first time? / Yeah, let yourself go / Baby, follow that feeling," Rucker sings, to a melody that begs for an open-windowed cruise down a riverside road. "Maybe something new is what you're needing / Like a real-life, let-your-hair-down, feel alive / When was the last time you did something for the first time?" 

"For the First Time" was written by Rucker, along with Derek George and Travis Hill. The song will officially impact country radio on July 24; it's available for download now.

Hear Darius Rucker's "For the First Time"

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