We lost one of the great actors to play James Bond in 2017. Roger Moore passed away earlier this summer. I'm not sure he was the best Bond, but he was the James Bond that I grew up with and remember from my childhood. I've always followed the series of movies but was never a huge fan. Until Daniel Craig took over.

After completing Spectre, his fourth Bond film, Craig was famously quoted as saying he'd rather "slash his wrists" than play Bond again. Well, something since then has changed. My guess is an amazing financial offer. News broke Tuesday that Craig has agreed to return as Bond for a fifth film. Craig is my favorite Bond. He's cold, calculated, and ruthless. There is no 'camp' in the Bond universe that he inhabits. You can see his tortured past play out in his decisions and actions. Yes, Daniel Craig is a James Bond for modern times. I'm happy he's coming back.

I thought I'd rank the four previous James Bond films starring Craig. There might be a bit of a disagreement on the number one spot, but here is my humble opinion.

1. Casino Royale - The 2016 film was our introduction to Daniel Craig as 007. It featured a great villain played by Mads Mikklesen, a poker game for the ages and a great theme song by the late Chris Cornell. My favorite Bond film, period.

2. Skyfall - This 2012 film is a very close second for me. Sam Mendes directed with amazing cinematography by Roger Deakins. Javier Bardem played a great villiain and Adele's theme song is an all time great.

3. Spectre - The latest Bond film released in 2015 was a mixed bag. Christoph Waltz was an OK villain, but the film tried to tie up too many loose ends. The action scenes were again great under the direction of Sam Mendes.

4. Quantum of Solace - The 2008 film has a strange title, a forgettable villain, and a strange plot about holding a water supply hostage. Craig is great, but everything around him makes this a weak entry.


Those are my rankings for Daniel Craig's Bond movies. Who is your favorite James Bond?


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