If you're a Culver's fried chicken eater, I've got some bad news for you. The popular chain has removed the item from their menu.

When I searched Culver's fried chicken on google the top item on my search was a link to the Culver's website. However, it leads to a blank page.

It's gone. Buh bye. WHY?! That's what others are asking:

Responding to a complaint on their Facebook page, Culver's said,

"We understand your frustration over the removal of our Fresh Fried Chicken and would hate to see you go because of it. We are constantly cooking up new items for our menu and often need to make difficult decisions on certain lower volume menu items to make room for these new offerings. Would you mind sending us a private message with your mailing address so that we can send you a little something on us? Thanks so much."

Yes, there are still seven different chicken-based menu items on their menu. If you want fried chicken, though, you'll have to go elsewhere. Or, take matters into your own hands:

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