Paying at the pump may cost you more than expected.

As a person who always pays for my gas right at the pump because I don't like to walk inside, news like this concerns me.

A credit card skimmer has been found at a gas station in Bondurant, Iowa, which is over near the Des Moines area. The device was discovered by a pump technician on Tuesday. It was plugged into a card reader at the Git-N-Go just off of U.S. Highway 65 on Henry Street.

In case you don't know what a skimmer is, it's a small device placed inside card readers that is able to steal your credit/debit card information. The bad part is, they are getting more and more technologically-advanced, making them more difficult to detect. For advice on how to protect yourself from these devices, click HERE. Stay aware, my friends!

[Via CBS2]

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