Unfortunately, the cards won't ACTUALLY get you out of jail, but they do serve another purpose.

If a Cedar Rapids Police Officer handed me a "get out of jail free" card, I would automatically assume I could use in place of bail money, but NOPE! Unlike in the game of Monopoly, the cards the CRPD are handing out won't keep you out of actual jail, but they are being used to "offer parents a way to teach the youth on how to interact with police," according to KCRG.

KCRG reports that officers, "want to get rid of some of the barriers and mistrust some community members may have with police." The back of the card gives tips for parents to use to talk to their kids on what they should do if they are ever stopped by an officer. The CRPD has actually been handing out these cards since May, and will be handing some over to school resource officers for students in the fall. I'm surprised I haven't seen one yet!

The whole point of the cards is to help build a stronger and safer community. Sgt. Cristy Hamblin told KCRG that they want kids "to know that that officer is a safe place."

Tension in America have been very high recently, so kudos to the CRPD for finding an interesting way to spread valuable information in the community. You can read more on the information on the cards HERE.

[Via KCRG]

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