If you have unpaid traffic camera citations in Cedar Rapids, the city might be able to get the money from you in other ways.

Many of us found out last year that the city of Cedar Rapids isn't allowed to report unpaid traffic camera citations to any credit ratings agencies, and that the tickets don't count against driving records. Because of this, not surprisingly, many citizens have not paid their citations. In fact, according to KCRG, only around 55% of them were paid the last fiscal year.

Although the city is currently involved in a legal battle surrounding the I-380 traffic cameras, the Cedar Rapids City Council will be voting on some changes to the city's automated traffic enforcement program today. They are proposing that all unpaid citations be turned over to the State of Iowa Income Offset program. KCRG reports:

"Through the program, the city would be able to collect on unpaid citations through casino or lottery winnings, state tax refunds or other money the state may owe you, including payment for work done for the government."

On top of this, they would also like to include a 25% late fee to citations not paid/ appealed on time.

To read more details on the proposals, click HERE.

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[Via KCRG]

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