A surprise lunch in Iowa City? Don't mind if I do!

On Saturday afternoon, I had a remote broadcast down in Iowa City. While I was down there, I had to drop off the station vehicle to get some work done, so Bob James and his wife Julie came to pick me up. We decided to go have some lunch while we were in the area, and we made sure to try a place that none of us had ever been to before: The Wig & Pen.

Anytime the topic of where to get the best pizza comes up, it seems like The Wig & Pen always gets mentioned. I'm always down to try some delicious pizza, so it just felt right to grab some lunch there. I was certainly not disappointed.

First of all, the entire menu looked AMAZING. It took us a good solid 10 minutes to decide on what to eat. We ended up getting the nachos as an appetizer, and they were so stinkin' good. I'm a sucker for some good baked nachos (sorry, the lighting was not great for photography):

Next up was obviously pizza. Not just any pizza, but the Chicago-style with stuffed crust. We got it with pepperoni and bacon. I'm drooling just think about it:

I also ordered a side of mac & cheese, because I figured that all three of my favorite foods in one meal was better than just two. I didn't get a photo of the mac & cheese, because I ate it too quickly, but I think that says more than any photo ever could. Seriously, it was phenomenal. Order it next time.

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about any of my food at The Wig & Pen in Iowa City. In fact, the pizza was still delicious as leftovers.

The month of April calls for another new restaurant (or two, if the pattern continues)! Leave your suggestions for me in the comments.

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