Last night was episode 3 of The Bachelor, and it blows my mind how ridiculous some of these girls are!


Let's start with guest host Jimmy Kimmel. He was HILARIOUS. I would enjoy the show even more if he was on it every week. I decided about 20 minutes into the episode that I would rather date him than Chris. He stole every single scene, and I love that he wasn't afraid to make fun of the girls. If you didn't see the last scene of him leaving in the limo and pretending to cry, you seriously missed out.

But enough about Jimmy, let's talk about the ladies. The first date was with Kaitlyn, and I'm just gonna say it: I like her. I didn't like her so much in the first episode, you know, with the breakdancing and all, but after the Costco date (yes, the COSTCO date), she actually seems genuine. I like that she's not afraid to be goofy. I'd probably be friends with her. PS, I'm all about going on a date at Costco. FREE SAMPLES Y'ALL.

I'm also a pretty big fan of Whitney. If you can get over the sound of her voice, she is super sweet. I'd also like to add 'crash a wedding' to my bucket list. Chris seemed like he legitimately had a good time, not that fake TV good time (I think the wedding was probably open bar, too. Just sayin').

I think I've been pretty nice, so far, but now I'm going to ruin that by telling you who I want to leave.

Mackenzie: She is just TOO young. She asked Chris last night: "Why do you kiss all the girls?" Uhhhh... how about because he's dating ALL of you? I mean, COME ON. There's a FANTASY SUITE. He's gonna be doing a LOT more than kissing JUST you.

Jillian: She genuinely frightens me. Her muscular bod and her attitude are a terrifying combination.

And finally, Ashley I (Princess Jasmine).: Her drunken meltdown was really embarrassing, mostly because these girls KNOW what they're getting into when they go on this show! These girls keep crying because they don't get to spend time with him, but WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? He's dating like 25 of you! GET TOUGH.

Anyways, I'm pretty excited for next week's episode. It looks like Chris gets mad at Britt, so it should be interesting!

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