I managed to squeeze a TON of activities into only four full days of being home!

I'm baaaaack! I took a little mini-vacation and headed back to Michigan for the holiday weekend. Surprisingly, I didn't hit much traffic in either direction, but I think that's because I left on Thursday and came back on Tuesday. Not surprisingly, my weekend was completely booked up before I even got home. That's ok, though, because I had a lot of fun!

Friday night was the night I was most looking forward to, because I got to see JOHN MAYER! John is one of my most favorite artists of all time, and it was the first time I ever got to see him live. We had lawn seats, so we didn't get to sit close, but I didn't care. I could hear him perfectly and it was an amazing evening. Here's a clip of my absolute FAVORITE song:

Saturday was another exciting day, because I got to go to a Detroit Tigers game for the first time in a VERY long time. The team isn't very good this year, but tickets were only $7, so we didn't care. Then on Sunday, the family and I went to the Michigan Renaissance Festival up in Holly. I got to do some shopping, watch a little jousting, throw spears and axes, drink beer, and of COURSE, eat some delicious food. In fact, I'm pretty sure I didn't eat one healthy thing the entire weekend. I feel like I gained 10 pounds, but I'm too scared to check...

Here are a few (non food-related) pictures from my my weekend home:

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