A brand new penguin exhibit and a baby giraffe led me to the Detroit Zoo this weekend!

It was a very eventful holiday weekend for me back in Michigan, filled with karaoke, festivals, bonfires, and lots of food, but one of my favorite things I did was take a trip to The Detroit Zoo. I've gone to the zoo about 6894 times in my life, but it never stops being amazing because there are always new things to see. Depending on what time of year you go and what the weather looks like, certain animals are more active. The warm, sunny weather this weekend meant lots of animals were just snoozing in the shade, but the ones with big water exhibits were doing a whole lot of swimming.

There are two big things that drew me to the zoo this weekend, and one of them is the brand new Polk Penguin Conservation Center. The $30 million building just opened this year, and it takes you underground so you can see the penguins swimming overhead and all around you. It is stinkin' awesome.

The other thing I had to see is the new baby giraffe Zawadi. Giraffes are my absolute favorite animals, so I knew I had to come check out the latest addition to the family.

Here are some photos I snapped this weekend during my zoo visit:


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