Sometimes when you hear a song, it brings back a special memory with it. I have two Tim McGraw songs that do that for me.

I am really pumped for Tim McGraw tomorrow night. I mean, REALLY pumped. Even before I worked in country music, I knew of him and his music. And now, working in country music, I can fully understand how iconic he is. There are two Tim McGraw songs that are really special to me. One is an old memory, and one is a newer one.

The song "My Best Friend" is a song that brings me back to high school.  When I was 15, I fell in love for the first time with a senior named Chris. I was at the school homecoming dance, and Chris grabbed my hand and dragged me to the floor to dance with him. This just happened to be the song that was playing. I had never heard it before, but I knew at that point that I would never forget it. I ended up dating him for 3 years, and it didn't end well, but  the song reminds me of a very innocent time in my life. Every stinkin' time I hear this song it brings me right back to that time.

"Shotgun Rider" was released by Tim McGraw last year in September, a few months before I started working at KHAK. When I started in November, the song was really popular, and it was one of the first country songs I REALLY fell in love with. Working here at KHAK has really changed my life in so many ways, and every time I hear "Shotgun Rider" I'm reminded of the huge risk I took, uprooting my life to move to Iowa. I'm so grateful that the country music community has embraced me and taught me their ways. You guys are truly the best!

In honor of Tim McGraw and Eric Church at the GJCF this weekend, we want to know if one of their songs holds a memory for you. Whether it be funny or sentimental, let us know! Leave a comment with your memory below.

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