Happy National Nachos Day, friends! Today is my favorite food-related holiday of the year, because nachos are the greatest food on Planet Earth. Don't try to fight me on it.

I think the key to great nachos is a good topping-to-chip ratio. You don't want too much on them, because then the chips on the bottom get all soggy. That being said, you don't want too little on them, either, because there's nothing worse than being left with a bunch of dry chips. But, the most important part of nachos is ALWAYS the cheese. The type of cheese on your nachos can make or break the entire dish. I prefer liquid cheese on mine, but I also enjoy a mixture of liquid and shredded.

My favorite nachos in the entire universe are located in my hometown of St. Clair Shores, Michigan. You can't even say the words "Boat Works" without somebody bringing up their nachos. They are served on a pizza platter and they're piled so high you can barely see over the top of them. If I were on death row, they would 100% be my final meal.

As far as local places go, there are some FANTASTIC options when it comes to nachos. Here are some of my favorites here in Eastern Iowa:

What local restaurant do you think has the best nachos? Leave your favorite in the comments!

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