Only 10 more days!

My 28th birthday is coming up next Friday, so my best friend and I are headed to Minneapolis! Every year for my birthday, I try to take a mini-vacation to a place I've never been before, and after traveling to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando last year, we decided to stay closer to home in 2019.

The main appeal of visiting the Twin Cities is, of course, the Mall of America. I've lived in the Midwest my entire life, and yet somehow I've never been there. So that's our all-day plan for Saturday, May 4th.

But what about the rest of the weekend? That's what I've been so diligently trying to figure out these past few weeks. After getting suggestions from listeners, acquaintances, and online reviews, we now have a tentative plan for Thursday and Friday.

We will arrive at our hotel in Downtown Minneapolis early Thursday evening, and our plan is to grab dinner somewhere and ring in my birthday with some karaoke. When you google karaoke within the city, the place that continuously pops up as a recommendation is a dive bar by the name of Otter's Saloon. There's nothing I love more than a dive bar with karaoke, so I am IN.

For my actual birthday on Friday, the number one thing I want to do is visit Paisley Park, Prince's private estate and production complex.

We are also going to try to do some putt-putt golf at Can Can Wonderland! The business features 18 artist-inspired holes, a Boardwalk Arcade, food and beverages, and live entertainment.

And finally, some of the bars/restaurants we plan to visit are Betty Danger's Country Club, Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge, and Brit's Pub:

Do you have any other suggestions for us in the Minneapolis area? I would love to hear them! Leave your recommendations in the comments below!

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