Out of all the random, unofficial holidays we celebrate every year, today's is my number one favorite. Today, November 6th, is National Nachos Day!

Anybody that knows me knows that nachos are my favorite food on the planet, and probably on other planets, too. When people ask the question, "if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?" my answer is always nachos. I honestly don't think I am capable of getting sick of them. I once ate nachos every single day for an entire month. Now that I'm an adult and I have to be "responsible," I usually only have them once a week. Ah, to be young and have a high metabolism again...

I don't know when my love of nachos began, but it certainly hasn't ended since moving to Iowa almost 5 years ago. Lucky for me, there are a ton of local restaurants with great nachos. In honor of today's holiday, I decided to try to narrow down my top 5 favorites. It was a tough competition, and there are certainly other strong contenders, but these are my ultimate favorites here in Eastern Iowa (in no particular order):

I'd also like to give a shout out to Aces & Eights Saloon, Bushwood Sports Bar & Grill, and Pub 217!

Who has your favorite nachos in Eastern Iowa? Let's talk about it! Leave your thoughts in the comments (and a photo if you have one)!

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