Last night the 2015 CMA Music Festival aired on TV, and I received a text from my grandma that I thought was pretty funny.

As many of you know, I do not come from a country music background. When I moved here from Michigan, basically the only country music I listened to was Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan. The last radio station I worked for played current hits, so I really had to dive head-first into this whole country music thing.

My grandma happens to be my biggest fan. No joke. She listens to the show from start to finish EVERY SINGLE DAY. That is not an exaggeration. That means that when I switched over to country music, so did she. And she did NOT like it at first. But, last night I got a text from her that said:


This is 100% proof that there is country music for EVERYONE. For anyone out there that says they hate country music, I say that you just haven't found your artist yet. The country music genre has so many different styles nowadays, I think it's impossible to hate ALL of it. Unless you're stubborn and you WANT to hate it, then there's just no helping you. Props to my grandma for finally becoming a country fan!

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