The town of Gunder, Iowa just got some news that has people talking!

A new Facebook post from Allen Real Estate Company has ignited a spark of hope in the town of Gunder, Iowa and beyond. Apparently, the building that was once home to the famous Irish Shanti has been sold to new owners! The post reads:

"IT'S SOLD!!!! Congratulations to the Buyer on the purchase of the Shanti in Gunder!!!! There are a lot of folks excited to have this place opening again this spring!!!"

If you're not familiar with the Irish Shanti, the restaurant was known across the state of Iowa for an epic burger called "The Gunderburger." A 2017 article from The Courier says, "The Gunderburger starts as a hand-made 80-percent lean ground beef patty weighing 20 ounces that cooks down to about 1 pound." The burger was then seasoned and cooked on a flat grill. Next up: toppings. Guests could simply choose to have it topped with cheese, but other options included "onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, lettuce, horseradish, jalapeno, blue cheese, corned beef, fried egg, and peanut butter." The burger had been around for over 30 years and made the list of the top ten burgers in Iowa in 2017.

Unfortunately, the Irish Shanti abruptly announced in May of 2019 that they would be closing their kitchen because of a labor shortage, and then the Facebook page was taken down. Fans of the restaurant were crushed that they could no longer order their favorite burger. That's why folks were so excited to see the recent announcement from Allen Real Estate Company! The post says that the place will be opening again this spring, but it doesn't specify whether it will return as the Irish Shanti, another restaurant, or something totally different. There are no further details at this time, but we will be sure to let you know as soon as we hear something!

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