First day of school photos NEVER get old! Well, they probably do for your kids, but they'll appreciate them when they're older! I don't know about you, but my mom made me take first day of school photos every year until I got into high school. I always went along with it, but my brother was not a fan.

Since most kids here in Eastern Iowa went back to school this week, we asked to see some of your first day of school photos! We got HUNDREDS of entries, but we went through every single one to pick out a few of our favorites. The ones I love the most are always the funny ones! Whether they were meant to be hilarious or they just happened accidentally, here are some of the pictures that made us laugh:

Allison Green
Danielle Lane
Lindsey Staebler
Kathy Dake
Wenonah Radway
Nicole Sellner
Brittany Peyton
Melanie Rissi
Sheila Klaren
Krystle Fowler-Adney
Molly Platz Dunne

We had plenty of adorable and creative photos, too! Here are some of those: