Midwesterners are no strangers to oppressive summer temperatures.

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As a native East Coaster, one of the first things I really picked up on when I moved to Iowa was the whiplash-like weather that Iowa has. The winters are bitter and the summers are sweltering.

In a recent report, parts of the Midwest and most of Iowa will be in a "hibernation zone" come this winter. The Farmers Almanac gave a prediction that pretty much means that we're all going to have to layer up something fierce come winter.


Right now, winter seems like it's too far away, and with these hot as heck temperatures that seem to be all that we can think about.

When I spent my first summer in Iowa, I noticed that it felt hotter here than it did in more tropical states like California or Florida.

Another thing I noticed was that I was sweaty...

Sweatier than I usually am...

The reason for this?


Unsplash Jesse Gardner
Unsplash Jesse Gardner

Multiple major media outlets have been posting about the infamous "corn sweat."

All of our hard-working farmers know that crops like corn and soybeans draw moisture straight from the ground and evaporate through their leaves or stems, according to the Washington Post.

The official word for this is evapotranspiration.

This mixes in with other water molecules to give us more humidity!

Reports say that a single acre of corn can actually release enough water to fill an entire swimming pool.

So, this extra humidity is adding to the already record-breaking temperatures and the heat wave we're experiencing. The heat index throughout the country was especially oppressive this weel.

So, all of this corn sweat is also making YOU sweat a whole lot this summer!

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