The Iowa Court of Appeals has upheld the conviction of Todd Mullis, an Earlville man that was found guilty of killing his wife with a corn rake in 2018 said a report by Radio Iowa.

Mullis was convicted of first-degree murder in the death of his wife, Amy Mullis, by a jury back in September 2019. After, the conviction, Mullis appealed saying there was not enough evidence to say he was the person that attacked and killed Amy.

What Happened to Amy Mullis?

According to the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, on November 10, 2018, Amy Mullis was found dead on her farm after a fall.  Authorities said that her husband called 911 and said no one saw what had happened. She was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

An autopsy report in December ruled that her death was a homicide. Amy Mullis died from injuries that included multiple stab wounds to her back.

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After an investigation began in February 2019, authorities charged Todd Mullis with first-degree murder. In September 2019, Mullis was convicted.

Through all this, Mullis still claimed to be innocent.

According to prosecutors, Mullis had wanted to kill his wife for years and was angry with her over an affair.

Mullis asked for a retrial under claims that he had ineffective counsel during his first trial in Dubuque County District Court.

Mullis was sentenced to life in prison without parole in September 2020 after being delayed four times due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Mullis getting new lawyers.

An appeals hearing was heard back in January.

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