More than a decade ago, Blanco Brown considered himself a traditional country artist but told Radio, "I want(ed) to put some more pizazz on it." He began experimenting and, needless to say, his music sounds much different today. Perhaps his best move ever was creating The Git Up Challenge.

Recently, Scheels in Coralville challenged the Coralville Police and Fire Departments to take part. In a video post on the Coralville Police Department Facebook page, they apologized that it took them so long to do it. However, once you watch it you'll understand why. They put A LOT into it.

If you enjoyed that, here are several others that were chosen by Top 5 on YouTube. My favorite of these is definitely the guy from Fox 46 in Charlotte. Just look at the guy's moves. Although, it's pretty hard to argue with #1. I just wanna know what's in the cup...

Needless to say, if they saw the Coralville Fire & Police video, they'd easily be in the top five. Very nicely done guys and gals. And thank you for serving Coralville.

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