Cole Swindell is set to release his third studio album, All of It, on Aug. 17 and fans can get an early listen to a new song on the project called "Reason to Drink." The catchy three-minute song has the Georgia native singing about how everyone has a reason to imbibe.

The performance video includes Swindell in concert as he sings the song for fans. With a singalong chorus — plus Swindell offering a drink to those in the crowd — it's an obvious concert staple for the singer.

"Somebody somewhere's getting married today / And somebody's home team, they just won state / And some ole boy's girl just left 'em / If that's you raise your hand, I got your next one," he sings in the chorus.

"Reason to Drink" is an instant grat track that fans will receive immediately upon pre-ordering a copy of Swindell's forthcoming album. Those who caught the singer's headlining tour earlier this year, fittingly also called the Reason to Drink Tour, heard the singer perform the song live.

In addition to new song "Reason to Drink," Swindell has released instant downloads of “Somebody’s Been Drinkin’” and “The Ones Who Got Me Here” as well as his latest single, “Break Up In The End.” Each of the four tracks will be on his upcoming album.

“I have been so excited about releasing the music for my third album, and my fans have been so patient with me while I took the time needed to make it right, that I had to give them something,” Swindell says in a press release. "They are the ones who got me here to this important third album, and I felt they deserve to be the first ones to get a taste of the new music. So we have been quietly releasing a few of the songs every few weeks for them. It has been great to hear what they think of the songs, because they are the reason I am still here getting to do this.”

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