Some mornings, coffee just won't do it. (Or so I'm told — I'm not  a coffee drinker myself). Every now and then, you just need an extra jolt. Enter: Coca-Cola Coffee.

No, it's not just coffee-flavored. That's what it originally started as, back in 2006, according to Delish. But subbing in artificial flavoring didn't work well with U.S. customers, and the product was taken off shelves within two years.

Now, the brand has reformulated the drink to contain actual coffee — meaning more actual caffeine. Personally, I'm a little freaked out by the concept. It seems like you might just starting shaking all day long.

But I'm no expert! You can decide for yourself. The drink hasn't come to the states just yet. It's initial run in Australia, Italy and Thailand, but the company is reportedly trying to launch it in the states in 2019, so the new drink should be here soon!

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