Artists, performers, and presenters at tonight's CMT Music Awards will all be taking home goodie bags with some super nice products inside!

The rich and famous get all sorts of perks and special treatment, and we can't help but feel a little jealous. Award show goodie bags are not a new thing, but it seems like they seem to get bigger and better with every show (I mean, what company WOULDN'T want a celebrity using their product?).

CMT released a list of the freebies being given to celebs at this year's ceremony, and here are some of the items (I included links to each item because I didn't even know what some of them were!):

The bag includes over 40 total items, including other things like lotion, nail polish, candles, candies and other food, coffee, more jewelry, a ton of other things you can see HERE.

I'm pretty sure none of these country stars actually NEED anything in these bags, so if one of you wants to throw one my way, I'll take it! :)

Check out the CMT Music Awards tonight at 7pm!

[Via CMT News]

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