As we rapidly approach Christmas, it's fun reminiscing about Christmas past and the classic Christmas commercials. Below are some of my favorites.

The classic Budweiser Clydesdale commercial. Who didn't want to ride in the wagon regardless of how cold and snowy it was.

I have yet to order a Nachos Navidad... but everytime I hear Jose Feliciano sing "Feliz Navidad", I get hungry for nachos. I like how he describes them in the commercial... "lots of fresh baked corn tortilla chips piled high and topped with all kinds of delicious things." I always wanted to hear what those other delicious things were. Couldn't they give him and extra 10 seconds to describe the other things?

I miss all those McDonalds characters. How bout gift certificates for .50 cents?

How 'bout that Burger King doll? I think my sister had one of those growing up.

Norelco did a great job with this commercial. How cool would it be to ride with Santa on an electric razor through snow!!!

Here's a great commercial from Coca-Cola.

Please share you favorite Christmas commercials below.

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