Here's a chance for your loss to become the rest of the community's gain as the holiday season nears and we're all looking for joy.

I'm pretty sure few of us knew exactly how much we'd miss a tree until we lost one or several from the August 10, 2020 derecho. With the devastation of losing over half of the city's tree canopy still fresh in their mind, the city of Cedar Rapids is now looking for trees that can be removed and repurposed for use as the potential city Christmas tree in Greene Square.

Iowa's News Now says the Cedar Rapids Forestry Division is seeking fir, pine, or spruce trees that owners intend to remove due to the tree growing too large for the space where it was planted, or not being in good enough health to survive. In essence, they are in fact looking to collect a stockpile of these for this use in the coming years, given how much of the tree canopy in town was lost by no choice of our own due to the storm.

If you have a tree under these circumstances that can not be fixed or salvaged and is 25 feet or higher in a spot where it can be easily removed, contact the city as they'd like to check it out. Again, they do not want trees in good condition, only those under circumstances that the tree can be removed without any loss or harm.

If you have a tree that meets the conditions described, email with the owner’s name, address, and information about the tree.

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