It's a done deal. At yesterday's city council meeting the city of Cedar Rapids finalized a ban on the use of fireworks inside the city limit.

Last year's change in the sate law that allowed for the SALE of fireworks conflicted with local laws restricting USAGE of fireworks - that left many citizens confused and upset about the wishy-washy nature of what was OK and what was not allowed.

As far as the city council is concerned, it is now a dead issue. No use of fireworks means just that.

But the Cedar Rapids Gazette reports Mayor Ron Corbett saying "additional issues are likely to surface this month that will need to be addressed before the state- sanctioned fireworks summer period, which is from June 1 to July 8."

The Gazette added that Corbett had recommended allowing a day when residents could use fireworks, but ultimately supported the council's measures to ban their use completely.

[source: Gazette]

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