Chris Young's next album looks like it will include a tender love song. The "Drowning" singer shared 60 seconds of a song called "In It" that finds him asking his true love to join him.

"Drowning" is Young's second single from his upcoming seventh studio album Raised on Country (release date TBD). Additionally, he's released the title track as a single and a duet with Lauren Alaina called "Town Ain't Big Enough" as a digital treat for fans.

Over an acoustic guitar and little else, this new vocal showcase celebrates love and great country music.

"Want to share my world with you / It’s kind of simple but you know it’s true," Young sings to start the clip. "Sunset needs some shine in it / Friday night needs some stars with it / Cornfield needs a truck in it / With the radio playing that country song / With some steel in it / The kind that’s got a little real in it / Like a lake needs a line in it / Front porch needs some sweet tea sipping / If you’re into this kind of life I’m living / All I need is you in it."

Young did not confirm the song's title is "In It," nor did he commit to adding to his new album, but his caption suggests both. "All I need is you 'In It,'" he writes. "Just sharing something else with you guys cheers."

Look for Young on television this Thanksgiving. Along with Chris Janson and Tenille Townes, he'll be part of the 2019 Macy's Thanksgiving parade on NBC.

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