Chris Young's hard at work on some new music, and he's not keeping it a secret from his fans. On social media on Thursday (March 21), Young shared a clip of one of his new songs, "Drowning" -- and he says it's one of his favorites.

Readers can press play above to hear the heartbreaking lyrics of "Drowning": "I know you're in a better place / One day I'll see you again / But it's killing me we can't be face to face / I miss my best friend." Young's gut-wrenching lyrics about a lost loved one are accompanied by light piano.

"So tonight I'm gonna pull out pictures / Ones with you in 'em / Laugh and cry a little while reminiscing by myself," Young continues. "I can't help at all but think about it / How you were taken way too soon / It ain't the same here without you /  I've gotta say, missin' you comes in waves / And tonight I'm drowning."

Young's Instagram clip of "Drowning" includes a shout-out to his co-writers, Corey Crowder and Josh Hoge. Both men are familiar collaborators.

"Can’t wait for the tour this year!" Young posted with the song snippet. "Sad song but one of my favorites I’ve written ..."

Young previously announced his Raised on Country Tour, which kicks off in May. Joining Young on the road will be Chris JansonDylan ScottLoCash and Jimmie Allen.

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