Chris Janson has just released a new single, "Fix a Drink," and as he tells Taste of Country Nights, he's enthusiastic about sharing it with fans live on his upcoming tour with Sam Hunt and Maren Morris.

Janson is part of the bill for Hunt's 15 in a 30 Tour, which is set to launch June 1 at Blossom Music Center in Cleveland and runs through Sept. 22 before wrapping up at Nashville's Ascend Amphitheatre. Janson says the variety of the music is something he's especially looking forward to.

"We all have three different kinds of music, [but] we share one quality: we all write our own songs and sing 'em, too," Janson reflects. "I love each of their music, and I know there's a three-way mutual respect going on there. It feels so good. The tour is going to be amazing .. Sam has his sound, Maren has her sound and I have mine, and they're all cohesive. We're all hitting the same audience and the same demographic; however, they're all different. You've got to have differentials, or it would be a boring tour."

Janson will be playing his new single live, and he's got more music in store for his fans later in the summer. He says a new album is coming "no later than August," with a digital EP to be available in the meantime that will include half the songs, including "Fix a Drink."

He also hints that fans can expect some onstage collaborations between him and his tourmates, though he won't say what.

"I can tell you that when you do see it, it's going to be very intimate, very cool and very relatable to people, and it'll probably be an eye-opener to some people, because we're gonna do some different things."

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