Sports and politics have become intertwined in recent days. But this isn't one of those stories. THIS story is about why we love sports. It's a story about how even bitter rivals can get along and be civil to each other.

The Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals are bitter rivals in the National League Central Division. They've been battling for the division lead for much of the year. The two teams are playing another series with a lot on the line. The Cubs are trying to clinch the division while the Cardinals are trying to stay alive in the Wildcard race. Yesterday in St. Louis, Addison Russell of the Cubs followed a fly ball into the stands and made a diving attempt at the ball. In the process, he dove into fans and knocked a Cardinals fan's nachos out of his hand. What happened next was sportsmanship at its best.

Rivals being civil to each other. I can think of a few people who could learn a thing or two from this example.

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