A sad day in Cedar Falls, Iowa, as a historic barn that is more than a century old was torn down. The barn was torn down early Tuesday (April 4) morning and was located near 6th and College Street, near the Sartori Memorial Hospital.

It was a sad moment for many residents who gathered to look at the barn one last time as many of them had memories of working there 50 years ago.

Colleen Rieks, a former nurse at Sartori told KWWL:

"I know this will change eventually, they keep doing that, but this is a very historical part of town, so it's hard to see an old part go."


This barn was previously used as a horse barn but received too many complaints about it being unsafe and the city decided to tear it down. According to The Courier property records show the barn was built in 1918. However, the owner believes it was actually constructed in 1898.

The owner of the property is Donald Elderkin, 80, who did comply with the city after being made aware of the building being deemed unsafe. He was first asked for it to be "repaired" and then ultimately decided

"that the costs involved would be too much to repair and demolition would be the best option" according to The Courier.


Elderkin was a graduate of Cedar Falls high school in 1960 and spent his remaining days with the building, cleaning out old car parts, with his friends.

"They said it wasn't safe for cars or people, but I didn't know it was that dangerous," Elderkin said.

This barn is believed to be one of the oldest barns in the city according to the Historical Society.

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